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PODCAST: On National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (with Ryan Price on CFAX 1070

PODCAST: Ken Wu – Protecting high productivity old-growth in British Columbia

This podcast was originally published on The Green Exchange podcast from the BC Green Caucus on March 19, 2021. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN if you are concerned about old-growth in British Columbia. In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast I connect with Ken Wu, the former Executive Director of the Ancient Forest Alliance and the current...

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PODCAST: Isobel Mackenzie – B.C. Seniors Advocate

In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast (the first in several months) I’m republishing a virtual town hall I hosted on Monday June 15, 2020 with Isobel Mackenzie, the B.C. Seniors Advocate. In February 2020 the Office of the Seniors Advocate published a report titled A Billion Reasons to Care. It is the first detailed review of British...

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PODCAST: Emma-Jane Burian – Youth climate activist

In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast I connect with youth climate activist Emma-Jane Burian. We recorded this conversation in late Fall 2019 and admittedly I have been slow in publishing it. No matter, here it is. Burian is a grade 12 student who lives in Victoria but grew up in Burnaby with the Trans Mountain pipeline running through her...

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PODCAST: Week 7 with Nick Gilchrist

After a brief unintended hiatus from the podcast Adam Olsen and Nick Gilchrist resume their conversation about life in British Columbia politics. It has been a busy year and with the original week 7 episode languishing in the dustbin of unpublished podcasts, this second attempt will be much more successful - it will be published. Part of the...

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PODCAST: Week 6 with Nick Gilchrist

Episode Summary In Week 6, Adam Olsen and Nick Gilchrist have a lengthy discussion about jurisdictional issues and frustrations. The conversation begins with Adam reflecting on the transition between the legislative and constituency focus of his work. There is always a backlog of meeting requests in the constituency when the legislative session...

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PODCAST: Week 5 with Nick Gilchrist

In Week 5 of the podcast Adam Olsen and Nick Gilchrist get together to continue their discussion about life in British Columbia politics.They open with a brief chat about feedback Adam received regarding the opening music. One listener literally shook their head in dismay over the song and so Nick is going to head back to the drawing board....

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PODCAST: Luke Wallace – Folk musician

In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast, I return to the original format with a conversation with Salt Spring Island folk singer Luke Wallace. As it turns out, Luke had many more questions for me than I had for him. He is a fantastic interviewer! Over the past few years, I have come to know Luke as a powerful advocate for social justice and...

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PODCAST: Week 4 with Nick Gilchrist

In week four of the podcast Nick Gilchrist and Adam Olsen cover quite a bit of ground.They open the episode with a potential new theme song for the series and discuss a possible name other than just the current week. Listeners are encouraged to provide their ideas of possible names for the podcast. The labour disruption in School District #63 was...

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PODCAST: Week 3 with Nick Gilchrist

Episode Summary In Week 3, Nick Gilchrist and Adam Olsen discuss the past week in Saanich North and the Islands and British Columbia politics. The conversation covers a range of topics starting with the brand new opening music sequence that Nick created and that he really does not like. For the past three weeks the Saanich School district has...

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PODCAST: Week 2 with Nick Gilchrist

Week 2: 11/10/2019 Welcome back to The Public Circle Podcast. In this episode I return with my brother-in-law Nick Gilchrist to pick up our weekly discussion about life in British Columbia politics. I enjoy these conversations and I think we are finding a nice mix of information and entertainment. We start this episode by talking about the B.C....

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PODCAST: Week 1 with Nick Gilchrist

I suddenly stopped publishing new episodes of The Public Circle Podcast shortly after launching the "second season" in September. Producing this podcast takes some effort and as we started the Fall sitting of the Legislature my workload increased dramatically. Something had to give - it was the podcast. My brother-in-law Nick Gilchrist works in...

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PODCAST: Emily Olsen – Founder, The Connection Project

The Public Circle Podcast is back!After a few weeks off in August, I start things off with a conversation with my wife and partner, Emily Olsen, about the second edition of The Connection Project on October 4th in the Charlie White Theatre at the Mary Winspear Centre.For many years, Emily has faced the challenges of depression. There have been...

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