PODCAST: Bruce Williams – Interim CEO South Island Prosperity Partnership

Feb 5, 2020 | Audio, Blog, Podcast: Season 2

In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast I connect with South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) Interim CEO Bruce Williams.

This is the not the first time that Bruce and I have sat across from each other with microphones. It was the first time that I was interviewing Bruce though.

Williams joined the SIPP after a successful career as a television and radio host, producer and manager. You will likely recognize his voice as he worked for many years in the Victoria market. Bruce is a networker and connector so he fits perfectly in his role building partnerships and collaborations with the SIPP.

Bruce has been serving as the Interim CEO for the past year.

In this episode of the podcast we discuss,

  • The SIPP’s efforts to build meaningful relationships with the 10 Indigenous communities on Southern Vancouver Island through the critical work of creating sustainable economic development,
  • How the partnership is working to bring the business community together across many local and Indigenous governments. After all, despite the numerous boundaries it’s just one economy in the region,
  • Outline how the SIPP’s Prosperity Index has created a dashboard of metrics to measure the region. The Index measures more than the GDP, it looks at economic resiliency, transportation and mobility, housing and affordability, human health and environmental health, and
  • A myriad of other topics such as increasing connectivity and how the SIPP is working to attract businesses from international markets and encouraging them to establish a base on Southern Vancouver Island.

I have been involved with the SIPP from the very beginning and support the work they do to bring our communities together. I really enjoyed this conversation with Bruce and look forward to catching up with him again in the future to get another update on the SIPP’s progress.

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