by Adam Olsen

2021 Supply Act: Nothing to see here, except there is!

In December the BC NDP used their majority to delay budget 2021. They claimed they needed more time due to the challenge posed by the global pandemic. In reality, it was their self-serving fall election that caused the new government to immediately begin trampling on the budget process, eventually pushing the annual...

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Taking steps to support renters in British Columbia

More than two years ago I had the honour of participating in the Rental Housing Task Force with Vancouver West-End MLA Spencer Chandra-Herbert and Courtney-Comox MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard. We held community engagement sessions across the province and heard from both renters and landlords as well as other stakeholders. In...

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Is it a Throne Speech or the Throne Speech?

British Columbians need clarity from the BC NDP government whether the Throne Speech that opened the 42nd Parliament is the plan for 2021, or if there is another Throne Speech planned for the Spring. As it stands right now it's unclear what the plan is, and it's not really certain that there is a plan. We know we are...

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Site C boondoggle buried in secrecy

  Site C is a mess! From investigative reporting we know that the government has had information for at least a year about significant geotechnical problems with the project. In this round of questions, Minister of Energy, Hon. Bruce Ralston, continues his desperate attempt to blame this project on the former BC...

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Ready to govern?

When Premier John Horgan pulled the legislature down around him causing the snap pandemic election, he claimed it was because British Columbia needed a strong majority government that was ready to govern through COVID-19. He said the BC NDP were ready to lead. He claimed that his election would not delay economic...

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COVID-19 impact and work of food banks

In the first Members Statement of the 42nd Parliament I turn my attention to the responsibility we have as MLA's to govern for all British Columbians, the impact of COVID-19, and the fragility of our services. I turn my attention to the important work of food banks and then state my commitment to work toward poverty...

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