by Adam Olsen

Speaking to British Columbia’s COVID-19 paid sick leave

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic British Columbia has needed a paid sick leave benefit so workers who are feeling sick do not go to work. Advocates have long stated that this is a critical program that will limit transmission of the disease in the workplace. The program covers three days pay. Three...

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When will B.C. remove barriers to rapid tests?

A successful pilot project at the University of British Columbia for self-administered rapid tests found 25 asymptomatic cases of COVID-19. Health Canada has been clear that rapid tests are an important part of our pathway out of the global pandemic. They continue to encourage provinces and businesses to use rapid...

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Bill 6: Making British Columbia more accessible for all

For the past four years the BC NDP government has been working on accessibility legislation. The project was started by Shane Simpson, the former Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, and after a lot of consultation the government has finally tabled their new law. It is enabling legislation. In other...

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Supportive, compassionate communities

All governments have a responsibility to support each other in the collective effort to build welcoming, diverse and inclusive communities. Communications is critically important. Bad communications that lacks information can often turn a difficult situation into an impossible one. I address this in this statement....

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Budget 2021: BC NDP tinkering on the edges

In her budget speech Finance Minister Selina Robinson told British Columbians that her fiscal plan is proof that the BC NDP "has our backs." "Making life more affordable" is an oft-used BC NDP refrain in their throne speeches, budgets and question period responses. Budget 2021 is the BC NDP's first budget with their...

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Earth Day: Response to Ministerial Statement

I had the honour of responding on behalf of the BC Green Caucus to the Statement from Minister George Heyman on Earth Day. [Transcript] Today on Earth Day national governments are meeting to announce new climate targets. They acknowledge that a certain amount of global warming is already locked in. This is already...

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