Regulating Artificial Intelligence in British Columbia elections

Mar 14, 2024 | 42-5, Blog, Governance, Statement, Video | 1 comment

With a provincial general election just a few months away there is no discussion, or even a hint of a concern, about the potential impact that artificial intelligence and large language models on our democratic processes.

As a demonstration of how powerful the tools are I created a simple prompt in ChatGPT.

“I need a 300 word AI generated statement to be delivered in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly about the urgent need to regulate the use of AI Artificial Intelligence and large language models in elections.”

I read the content into the record in a statement. The comprehensive response should raise eyebrows and show how out of touch we are with respect to regulating technology in the defence of our democracy.



I rise today to address a critical issue facing our democratic processes: the urgent need to regulate the use of artificial intelligence, AI, and large language models in elections. In an area where technology wields immense power over public discourse, it’s imperative that we take proactive measures to safeguard the integrity and fairness of our electoral system.

AI and large language models possess the capability to generate vast amounts of content, disseminating information at unprecedented speed and scale. While this technology holds promise for innovation and communication, its unregulated use in elections poses significant risks to the very foundation of our democracy.

One of the foremost concerns is the potential for AI-generated content to spread misinformation and disinformation, manipulating public opinion and undermining the trust in our electoral processes. With the ability to mimic human speech and fabricate information, AI algorithms can deceive voters and distort the truth, subverting democratic principles of informed decision-making.

Moreover, the uncontrolled use of AI in elections exacerbates inequalities in political competition, granting undue advantage to those with access to advanced technology. Wealthy or powerful entities can exploit AI algorithms to amplify their voices and drown out dissent, further entrenching existing power imbalances in our society.

To address these pressing challenges, we must enact comprehensive regulations to govern the use of AI in electoral campaigns. Such regulations should include stringent requirements for transparency and accountability, ensuring that AI-generated content is clearly identified and its sources are disclosed to the public.

Additionally, mechanisms for oversight and enforcement are essential to prevent the misuse of AI and uphold the principles of fairness and equality in our electoral processes. As we approach the upcoming general election, it is incumbent upon us to prioritize the regulation of AI in elections and protect the integrity of our democratic systems.

This content was 100 percent generated by ChatGPT.

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  1. Peter Pare

    Great stuff Adam. Just for fun how about asking it to provide a statement in response to “Why is there not an the urgent need to regulate the use of AI Artificial Intelligence and large language models in elections?”

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