Celebrating resilient communities on the Saanich Peninsula

Feb 24, 2024 | 42-5, Blog, Governance, Legislature, Statement, Video

In this statement I celebrate the 2024 BC Business Awards most resilient communities. First place goes to the District of Central Saanich and second place to the Town of Sidney. I’m thrilled that the Saanich Peninsula has taken the top two spots on the list. Congratulations to Mayors Windsor and McNeil-Smith, their council colleagues, and all their staff for building resilient communities.



A. Olsen: Today I congratulate the district of Central Saanich on being named the 2024 B.C. Business Magazine’s most resilient community in British Columbia. At the same time, I raise my hands to the town of Sidney for being named the second most resilient community.

[10:25 a.m.]

Both communities have not only been recognized for their resilience this year, but their top spots on the list have been consistent. Central Saanich was ninth in ’23, eighth in 2022 and ninth in 2020*. The town of Sidney was third in 2023, 19th in 2022 and third again in 2021.

The annual nod is based on a variety of factors, including housing growth, unemployment, economic diversity and social and environmental resiliency. My riding of Saanich North and the Islands is well represented on this list.

No doubt, I have a soft spot in my heart for Central Saanich. It’s been my home for 48 years, the place Emily and I are raising our children and, as a proud former district councillor, the place I started my career in public service. Beautiful Sidney by the Sea is the home of my constituency office and is the commercial heart of our riding.

A lot of people quite openly diminish the work of local governments in creating a sense of community and ensuring residents have the infrastructure and services they need to flourish. But resilience is not by accident. Resilience is the result of pragmatic, prudent planning, budgeting and decision-making, a tribute to mayors Ryan Windsor and Cliff McNeil-Smith and their current and former colleagues. They’ve managed their communities well over the years.

As the province has significantly changed the landscape, the challenge for our communities will be for our colleagues in local government to adapt, and I am thrilled the communities on the Saanich Peninsula are working from a position of resilience.

*Correction – Central Saanich place ninth in 2021.


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