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PODCAST: David Smith – Entrepreneur and Fisherman

In the 18th episode of The Public Circle Podcast I chat with David Smith. David is a fisherman and owner of Professional Components Ltd., located in the Sidney/North Saanich Industrial Park. His company makes Scoremaster soccer goals and Shockwave, shock-mitigating seats. He has been building things on the Saanich Peninsula since 1981. I toured...

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PODCAST: Paul Holmes, Co-Founder – Social Media Camp

In the ninth episode of The Public Circle Podcast, I connect with Paul Holmes the co-founder of Social Media Camp at the Victoria Conference Centre. One of the regular themes I explore in my daily blog posts is the impact of social media. The fuel for my content is driven by podcasts, blogs and articles that are also exploring the impact of these...

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PODCAST: Paul Smith, General Manager of Titan Boats

In the seventh episode of The Public Circle Podcast, I connect with Paul Smith, General Manager of Titan Boats. Following a visit to their manufacturing facility in the North Saanich Business Park, Paul joined me in our constituency office to chat about the homegrown company. He came out of retirement to join Titan in 1998. What started as part...

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PODCAST: Adam Olsen on the LNG tax subsidies

I change things up a little for the sixth episode of The Public Circle Podcast. The BC NDP put Bill 10, Income Tax Amendment Act (2019) up for debate this week. If you have been following my blog then you will already have some indication of my response to the Bill. In this podcast, I am publishing my second reading debate speech, and responses...

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PODCAST: John Juricic, Labour Market Consultant

In the fourth episode of The Public Circle Podcast, I reconnect with my friend John Juricic. John characterizes himself as a serial entrepreneur. He's been active in numerous businesses since graduating from UVic in the early 1980’s. He is most recently worked in labour market consulting and his extensive involvement in the local business...

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