PODCAST: Gerry Taylor, biologist & retired civil servant

Mar 10, 2019 | Audio, Blog, Podcast: Season 1 | 4 comments

Gerry TaylorGerry Taylor joins me for the third episode of The Public Circle Podcast.

My conversation with Gerry is reflective of many conversations I have with constituents of Saanich North and the Islands, and residents of British Columbia from across the province.

Retired for the past 20 years, Gerry worked for the provincial government for 45 years. He is a biologist with a focus on zoology and a specialty in fish behaviour. As he puts it, he has seen a lot of land, water and resources.

There is a steady flow of retired civil servants who watch the government closely, and with a critical eye.

I am a fairly young man in the political sphere, I am new to provincial politics, and I have a desire to learn from my elders. So, when Gerry and his colleagues offer their time and expertise, I take them up on it.

For those of you who follow my Twitter account (@AdamPOlsen), or this blog, you will know I have been tweeting daily about habitat protection, habitat restoration and how government is organized. Specifically, these are areas that the provincial government is responsible for and can have the greatest impact, and not just for salmon.

The message is clear, it is consistent. It is better to protect than it is to restore. And, while we have good Acts and Regulations, it’s the will and actions that matter.

So, it is time to listen to Gerry, and the many others who have come through the door. In short, we need a new paradigm in ecosystem management.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Gerry Taylor!

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  1. Rodger Moore

    Great podcast, as you said lots of work for you to take on. Wishing you a long career and a great legacy.

  2. Bill Foster

    Great interview with Gerry. He is old personal friend, back to the 70s,withwhom I have lost touch.
    Contact info?

    • Adam Olsen

      Contact Ryan in the office. He can connect you.

  3. kara middleton

    Very interesting – thank you! Sure wish we could have this public discussion around Sooke and Juan de Fuca.


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