PODCAST: Emily Olsen – Founder, The Connection Project

Sep 14, 2019 | Audio, Blog, Podcast: Season 2 | 2 comments

The Public Circle Podcast is back!

After a few weeks off in August, I start things off with a conversation with my wife and partner, Emily Olsen, about the second edition of The Connection Project on October 4th in the Charlie White Theatre at the Mary Winspear Centre.

For many years, Emily has faced the challenges of depression. There have been many dark days which she talks about in detail on the Obstacle Course Podcast. If you are interested in hearing the whole story, I encourage you to listen to it there.

Our conversation is about the result of Emily’s tremendous personal effort through counselling, meditation, yoga and much more that grew her confidence to the point where last year she began taking about her journey publicly.

One day she decided she was going to host her own event. She had no idea what it was going to be but she was determined to continue talking about her experience and thus The Connection Project event was born.

It grew and evolved. Since that first event in the Fall of 2018, it has continued to grow and evolve and a community has formed around it. Now Emily and her team are in the final stages of planning the second event, providing a platform for six new people to share their stories. It doesn’t appear that it will stop here. She has a vision of continuing to grow the community into a non-profit organization that organizes and hosts regular events in the Capital Region and perhaps beyond.

The Connection Project details

Date: Friday October 4, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Location: Mary Winspear Centre (Sidney, BC)

I have watched as this event has evolved and gained shape and I look forward to hearing the six powerful stories of mental health and well-being. This is an important journey for de-stigmatizing mental health and our society is much better because of this work.

If you want more information email Emily at emily@theconnectionproject.ca. Search Facebook for The Connection Project.

For tickets visit TheConnectionProject.ca or MaryWinspear.ca

I have more episodes of The Public Circle Podcast coming your way. I’ve decided this upcoming series will go from a weekly podcast to publishing every two weeks. It’s been a challenge to keep the pace of weekly posts and so I’m going to spread them out a little. I hope you will subscribe on whatever platform you get your podcasts and share this podcast with your network.

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  1. Jacob Enns

    Storytelling and the resulting connection are like taking deep breaths and then becoming aware that we all breathing.
    Mental health is like breathing. sometimes it is hard. We all share this. I too contemplated suicide and it was a connection to nature that allowed the next breath.
    Thank you
    Jacob Enns

  2. John Francis Mullane

    I watched the full video. As a person who continues to work on knowing myself and understanding others, I was both impressed and moved by this video. I respect Emily and all those who participated. Respect is an important word that me need to apply to ourselves and others in our life.

    I did post a link to the video on my website page https://www.jmullane.ca/plan-concepts/life-vision. While related to my small business, my website is more about my personal journey than about business.


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