PODCAST: David Smith – Entrepreneur and Fisherman

Jul 21, 2019 | Audio, Blog, Podcast: Season 1 | 0 comments

In the 18th episode of The Public Circle Podcast I chat with David Smith.

David is a fisherman and owner of Professional Components Ltd., located in the Sidney/North Saanich Industrial Park. His company makes Scoremaster soccer goals and Shockwave, shock-mitigating seats. He has been building things on the Saanich Peninsula since 1981.

I toured Dave’s business as part of my ongoing tour of local businesses and we had a great conversation. When I invited him to join me on the podcast I had it in mind that I would ask him about what it was like to do business on the Saanich Peninsula and British Columbia or maybe even about the Trans-Am race cars that sat in a spotless garage next to a table with a high-powered go-kart sitting on it. Dave is a fascinating person who builds and races cars, operates a business with 60+ employees and is a passionate fisherman. My hour long tour wrapped up more than two hours later.

When Dave showed up to my office to record a conversation it turns out that it’s my work on the Pacific salmon that caught his attention. Over the past 60 years living and fishing on the coast, he has seen a lot and this podcast gave him a welcoming platform to share his experience.

This story he tells is consistent with so many other stories I have heard over the past 18 months since I have really been leaning into the salmon file and the ongoing history of the British Columbia coastline. Each time the levels of frustration, disappointment and outright anger peak. Coastal communities and the surrounding ecosystems have been mismanaged.

This discussion has some heat. Dave shares his experience on the commercial fishing boats in the salmon and herring heyday to the sights he has seen of clearcut logging and the poor habitat, resource and harvest management of the federal and provincial governments. In British Columbia, our story of salmon is fiery and I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dave Smith.

If you would like to connect with Dave Smith visit his website https://shockwaveseats.com/meet-david-smith/.

You can find more information about his company Professional Components Ltd. at http://professionalcomponents.com/

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