PODCAST: Week 5 with Nick Gilchrist

Dec 1, 2019 | Audio, Blog, Podcast: Season 2

In Week 5 of the podcast Adam Olsen and Nick Gilchrist get together to continue their discussion about life in British Columbia politics.They open with a brief chat about feedback Adam received regarding the opening music. One listener literally shook their head in dismay over the song and so Nick is going to head back to the drawing board. Perhaps Week 6 will open with a new tune.

On Friday night Nick and Andy Sloniowski back up Madison Olsen who played a few sets at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. Adam and Nick talk about the music and they feature one of Maddie’s recent songs called 5930 Exhausted. The recording was mastered by Malcolm Owen Flood.

The conversation moves to the final week of the last legislative session of the decade. Nick and Adam discuss the significance of Royal Assent, when Lt. Governor Janet Austin comes to the legislature to provide the final nod to completed Acts. They discuss briefly the voting process, and highlight the need to move from legislating the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act to developing an action plan.

Nick has done quite a bit of research on the early history of the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia and reads a long letter to the editor to the Victoria Standard newspaper from August 28, 1874. What he reads is written by a settler named C.J. Grandidier from the B.C. Interior. Grandidier admonishes the provincial policy for Indigenous people and demands the government treat Indigenous people justly. It is an incredible example of how little has changed in the past 145+ years in our province.

Nick highlights a recording he made of his wife (Adam’s sister) Joni Olsen discussing the Douglas Treaty. The Treaty was signed in the early 1850’s between the Indigenous people and settlers surrounding Fort Victoria. Listen to the recording here.

As Adam and Nick begin to wrap-up the episode they talk about the next couple of weeks in the Saanich North and the Islands Constituency Office and the final community meetings Adam is hosting in the first few weeks of December. Check out the times and locations of the remaining meetings here.

Nick returns with his Top 3 segment by asking Adam about his top three favourite Acts that they have passed since he was elected. Adam’s list is the Bill to ban “big money” in British Columbia politics, the name of John Dean Provincial Park to ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱/John Dean Provincial Park and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act.

Finally, Nick and Adam pick their SENĆOŦEN word of the week. This week the word is KELȽOLEMEĆEN which means killer whale. Nick ends the episode with by speaking KELȽOLEMEĆEN. (It’s pretty decent.)

If you would like to contact Nick, email him here.

If you would like to contact Adam, email him here. Check out his blog here.

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