PODCAST: Conversation about Indigenous Relations in B.C.

Feb 10, 2020 | Audio, Blog, Governance, Podcast: Season 2 | 1 comment

This episode of The Public Circle Podcast features a conversation I had with John Juricic and Kelly Darwin for their podcast Northern Conversations. I am re-publishing it here.

There is a great deal of confusion with respect to the current state of Indigenous relations in British Columbia. There is even less understanding of how we got here. This has not been helped by the willingness of the provincial government to wrap themselves in the glory of being the first jurisdiction to pass the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, while failing to honour the complexity of the situation and continuing to over-simplify it in the public sphere.

British Columbians are uncomfortable with the dysfunctional relationships that we see once again playing out in the Wet’suwet’en territory as part of the colonial legacy of our province and country.

Who is responsible for the fact that fully armed RCMP officers are once again removing Indigenous peoples from their territory? Is it the fault of Indigenous people who can’t get along? Or, is it the fault of the federal and provincial governments who created the conditions for the confusion? In this frank discussion we address these question (and many more) and hopefully create a starting point for unpacking the complexity of the challenges we face.

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1 Comment

  1. Shirley Jackson

    It would be helpful for those of us trying to listen to this podcast if the interviewers would let Adam finish a reply to their questions. I found the interruptions when Adam was in mid comment about a concept rather derailing. The questions are good, but I’d like to hear the full and complete answer, not take off in another direction when the interviewer gets an idea. That type of conversation is fine when you’re sitting around preparing for a podcast, but presenting it to the public in that from makes for difficult listening. Thank you for at least allowing him to make his closing statements without interrupting him.

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