Cooking with music!

Aug 2, 2019 | Blog, Well-being | 1 comment

It’s really not an exceptional idea. I imagine that many of you reading this post might have cooked a healthy meal to a “Chill Mix” playlist last night.

Like me, you may have sat deeply satisfied in your living room with smirked mirth on your face and in your heart.

The garlic, ginger and onion juice still on my fingertips are the aromatic foundation of my most excellent rendition of the Green Curry Bowl recipe I found.

“You nailed it!” Emily exclaimed. Yes, I did. I nailed it!

As much as I have disparaged the internet and social media on these pages, I certainly use it to my advantage, whether my blog bogs your inbox with new content or I’m searching for new ideas to fill my stomach and my spirit or to stretch my body and my mind.

Cooking something different!

A quick search on the internet turned up an excellent recipe for a Green Curry Bowl. Powered by the soundtrack drifting through the house interrupted briefly by a shriek or laugh of a kid breaking in every now and then, I danced across kitchen floor.

Yes. I made a delicious bowl of fresh green vegetables, meat-free and a healthy choice to feed the family.

The reason I’m writing about this is to share a great recipe with you and to plant another idea in the ongoing narrative here about quieting the noise and moderating the pace of life.

This is the result once you have tasted it!

Breaking the routine and disrupting the flow of the same mundane choices that we make everyday — because we make the same mundane choices every day — by instead choosing to be adventurous, is a glorious way to add meaning and definition to each day.

A second is a second. 60 later and another minute passed. This Green Curry Bowl does not bend time. However, it does provide an interesting note about this day, that my normal fare of chicken, white rice and salad (no matter how crazy good the homemade dressing is) has nothing on.

Here is the recipe. I followed it closely with a few exceptions I exchanged the carrots and asparagus for broccoli and added some su choy with the spinach.

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1 Comment

  1. Dan Dickmeyer

    Looks good. Sort of a lot of ingredients I don’t have but will throw in some tofu when I make it. I hope you subscribe to Cooks Illustrated. I have for over a decade.

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