Feeling the joy of life

Jun 11, 2019 | Blog | 2 comments

It’s been awhile since Emily and I were parents of a baby.

A couple of weeks back we brought Tui into our family. She is just a mini little puppy and only ten weeks old today. As a parent of 11 and 7 year old kids she’s reminding me of a time slipping further into our past.

Puppies are sooooo cute! The people who follow my Instagram posts agree. However, they are a tonne of work. I was out of town for most of last week and so Emily was managing all the household operations. Including baby puppy duty and she put on a brave face. As I’m now reintegrating and picking up my share of the responsibility I’m reminded of the shear exhaustion of looking after the tiny and vulnerable. Dare to take your eyes off of them for one moment and they vanish.

Relax. Smile. Enjoy!

I understand why baby animals are cute. It balances with the fact that they will just let loose their bodily functions anywhere and everywhere. Multiple times – in an hour. What I thought was going to be a relaxing morning walk, coffee and meditation, is not. Though Tui will bounce over, tail wagging at lightning speed ready to share with you a moment of joy.

In fact, for Tui it’s only moments of pure joy. She reminds me of the teachings from the Tao Te Ching that we will be at peace when we can empty the mind. There is not a long list of worries that concern her, she lives purely in the now. I deal with a lot of serious issues in my line of work. It can overwhelm and at times I will go for long periods with a tense, stern look on my face.

We are figuring out life together and hopefully we will teach her to let us sleep a full night and only do her business outside. While she will remind me to relax, smile and enjoy the moments of life to the fullest.

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  1. Dan Dickmeyer

    David and I practically gave up a year of our life when our Black Lab came along. Of course, you don’t “give up” anything. Just your patterns–some of them self centred that need to be given up. But then what you gain is the “pay back”. Only dog lovers truly appreciate this: they can become almost human. They learn your emotions, they bring new friends into your life, they teach you and your kids so much. And occasionally they learn to pick up after themselves. Congratulations.

  2. Caroline Lennox

    Much as I enjoy your posts, they often bring me moments of sadness and anxiety.
    Take, for example, the joy you are expressing in having a pet and remember that many of us second-class citizens (renters) are prevented BY LAW from having a pet. The Pets Ok BC petition was shot down. Seniors have to surrender their companions when they downsize. Mentally ill people who would benefit from having a pet are unable to have one because of precarious housing. Children living in rental homes are denied the experience of having a pet.
    I’ve written to you and other politicians in BC repeatedly about this issue, and get resounding silence in return.

    Remember the little people. Please fight for us.


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