Prepping Yonge Street for a parade?

Jun 10, 2019 | Blog

I have mixed emotions today. The Raptors are in Toronto, and they are on the brink of winning the NBA championship.

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile you might remember this post about my lifelong support for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Game 6, in Toronto, championship on the line. It’s a thing. Except, it’s not the Larry O’Brien trophy that has been the goal, but rather the Stanley Cup.

I’m not a legit Raptors fan, definitely no Nav Bhatia. While I have put in time cheering for the Maple Leafs through thick and thin, I cannot say the same for the Raptors. However, recently I have been caught up in the hype, evidenced by the freshness of my black and red cap.

Bring on the Grizz?

It wasn’t the same when Toronto won the Major League Soccer title a couple of years back. As an established Whitecaps supporter it’s much more difficult to jump on the bandwagon for the Reds. The Vancouver Grizzlies have been gone a long time even though the images of Bryant “Big Country” Reeves, Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Mike Bibby are etched deep in British Columbia basketball lore. Even if it’s due to futility.

One thing the Raptors run to the championship has reminded me of, is how much fun it is to watch a basketball game. It takes me back to high school Friday nights and cheering my much taller friends on with drums, chants and playful obnoxiousness.

Perhaps, their success will inspire a new quality of play from their hockey counterparts next season. And for the time-being I will try to imagine what a parade down Yonge St. looks like in blue and white instead of black and red. That is of course if the Raptors can win one of the last three games of the NBA season. Good luck to them!

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