Why do we do what we do? Who knows?

Dec 31, 2018 | Blog | 2 comments

Let’s start to address who knows what, when, and how. There is a lot of people who comment on why we do what we do.

But first, the elephant in the room. It was only a matter of time before the streak of consecutive days publishing a blog post was to be broken. 19 days and 19 blog posts. Then came Saturday. There is an unpublished post sitting in the hopper. It’s not a bad piece, and it was ready to go. But, there was something about it.

“Despite your desire to keep the streak alive, this one is not ready!” Said the little voice in the back of my head.

The exercise in publishing regularly is not about perfection. It is about discipline. After re-reading some of my past posts, the deficiencies and the opportunities to go further, and be more direct, are obvious. Nevertheless, the goal is to publish something everyday. What I had for Saturday gave me cause for pause, hence the hesitation.

Starting the next streak

So, what got me all caught up? What is on the other side of the sign? Well, it reads “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” The post now collecting dust, is an attempt to work through negotiation and compromise in politics and the Legislature.

There is negotiating in the day-to-day operation of every Parliament. But, not to the extent of this current one, the 41st Parliament. The opportunity for more negotiation and collaboration in our governance is exciting and needs to be embraced. Frankly, my desire to honour the importance of the subject paralyzed me.

Negotiation, and working together requires compromise. Unpacking these issues requires care and attention. It’s complex, and it is entirely open to interpretation and your point of view.

From my perspective inside the Legislature, the newly open channels of negotiation have improved public policy. Compromise, the companion of negotiation, opens new channels for critique as well. Did we give too much? Did we not get enough? Should we have brought the House down? Should we prop it up higher? What issue? When? Why? For how long? Everyone has an opinion, and all are valid.

Why we do what we do?

So why do we do what we do and what is driving us? Editorialists, social commenters and thought leaders will tell you what is motivating us with the authority of their vast experience and expertise watching past Parliaments. We did this because of that, or that because of this, and so on.

That brings me to this blog. Hopefully, it provides you a window into British Columbia politics and thoughtful perspective to challenge and question. Just a little insight into why we do what we do and some fodder for you to comment on.

In the end, why we do what we do, is always more complex than what you read, see and hear.

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  1. Jackie Kirnbauer

    You do what you do for power and to get more for yourself we can see that when we ask for help and no one of the ppl WE VOTED FOR will do anything shame on you.

  2. Joe, A 12 for Transit


    I am really grateful you’re fearlessly blogging into 2019. Rarely do the hardcore fans of politics get this kinda behind the scenes access to the politicians like you and #BadAssBowinn provide.

    Also your blog posts, like your latest one on imposing discipline, make me want to stop and think about what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, why I’m doing it and how I can improve.



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