All the best in 2019!

Jan 1, 2019 | Blog | 1 comment

As we turn the calendar over on another year, we reflect and resolve.

What did we do well in 2018? Do more of that!

What didn’t work so well in 2018? Try to do less of that in 2019.

Although it is really just another day, New Years Day provides the opportunity to assess and improve. In some respects, that is what this blog is. A chance to reflect and resolve. Assess and improve.

So, what are my resolutions for 2019?

  1. Eat my vegetables,
  2. Start the day with a brisk walk,
  3. Work courageously, and
  4. Play more!

All the best to you in achieving your goals in 2019!


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1 Comment

  1. Jackie Kirnbauer

    You could make your resolutions to actually LISTEN to the workers begging for help.
    You could explain WHY elected officials feel they have the right to ignore us?
    Ask Andrew Weaver why he does not care that Kelsey would not help me?

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