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Does the housing minister feel it’s appropriate for middle-income earners to subsidize housing of higher wage earners?

With the BC Builds program, essentially a recycled HousingHub that the BC NDP announced in 2018 they have reclassified middle-income for a household from $50-100,000 as it was in the former program to $84-191,000. The BC NDP have offered little relief for people making under $84,000 and so the...

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Land Act: Are the BC United embracing regressive policy of denial of First Nations rights and title?

Two weeks ago the BC NDP quietly launched a public consultation on proposed changes to the Land Act. While I have been publicly critical of the way Minister Nathan Cullen introduced the initiative, I am deeply disappointed by the response of the BC United who decided to re-embrace their former approach that is eerily reminiscent of their...

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Premier David Eby must not overlook British Columbia context of Minister Selina Robinson’s hurtful comments

Calls for Premier David Eby to replace Advanced Education Minister Selina Robinson grow louder following comments she made at an online forum last week. Calling the comments “wrong” and “hurtful” the Premier also said, “We are in positions of authority, responsibility, and power. And that brings with it an expectation on the part of all British...

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Reflections on being a legislator and opposition critic

In preparation for the final session (Spring 2024) of the 42nd Parliament, I look back on this term and reflect on the pace of life as a legislator, house leader, and the role of opposition members as government critics. On Pace The pace of politics is fast. Each session comes and goes. In the lead up, the energy builds in anticipation. During...

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