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Dr. Deb Morrison endorses Adam Olsen

Adam has proven to be an exceptional collaborator in navigating the complex layers of governmental jurisdictions within the Gulf Islands to find ecosystem-based solutions to our changing climate and collaborative arrangements to foster reconciliation efforts. I will be voting for Adam to ensure his voice and perspectives remain central in the...

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Deborah Goldman endorses Adam Olsen

I am very happy to have Adam represent me and the Southern Gulf Islands in the provincial legislature. Adam has a firm knowledge of the issues of concern to residents and conscientiously maintains contact with us to remain current and to provide us with updates on governmental activities. He has been a consistent support during the chaos of the...

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Candidate Forum hosted by Salt Spring Forum

[embedyt][/embedyt] The three candidates in Saanich North and the Islands got together online for our first full candidate forum was hosted by the Salt Spring Forum. The Salt Spring Forum "brings diverse perspectives on important issues to a community known for its civic engagement and openness to new...

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Chief Don Tom endorses Adam Olsen

I am proud to witness Adam represent Saanich North and the Islands in the Legislature. He stood with the WSANEC people to say NO! to LNG in the Saanich Inlet. I know Adam will continue to be on the right side of history. Adam is my only choice for Saanich North and the Islands!   Chief Don Tom Tsartlip Nation [siteorigin_widget...

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Lorna Crozier endorses Adam Olsen

I am a proud resident of Adam Olsen’s constituency.He is smart, tough, and caring, and if anyone can help me figure out what I can do to move forward in my relationships with Indigenous people, it is Adam.He knows the Saanich peninsula in his bones and he will do the right thing for the land, the ocean, and the people who live and work...

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Bob Peart endorses Adam Olsen

I am honoured to endorse Adam Olsen, BC Green incumbent candidate for the Saanich North and the Islands riding for the upcoming Provincial election October 24th.Since meeting Adam, a number of years ago, I have been impressed by his interest and belief in community. Adam has served our community well in the B.C. Legislature speaking up on such...

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Jane Sterk endorses Adam Olsen

I was leader of the BC Green Party from 2007 to 2013. I was delighted when Adam took over as Interim Leader after my departure. He brought tremendous positive energy to the party and created the groundwork to strengthen the party and set the stage for his (and Sonia’s) win in 2017.Adam has been an amazing MLA. He approaches his constituents with...

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Logan McMenamie endorses Adam Olsen

[embedyt][/embedyt] My name is Logan McMenamie, and I am very pleased to be able to endorse Adam Olsen as the MLA for Saanich North and the Islands. Adam has served us well in the legislature and served all of British Columbia well over these last number of years. I respect Adam's way of building...

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Mavis Underwood endorses Adam Olsen

I want to express my support for the re-election of Adam Olsen.I know he is someone I can count on to serve with energy and commitment. His values are strong and emphasized in his honouring of family, community and history. He demonstrates the importance of identity and sense of belonging and how that is a solid foundation in times of stress and...

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Olsen debates climate policy with Heyman and Milobar

[embedyt][/embedyt] On Thursday October 8, 2020, I joined BC NDP Environment Minister George Heyman and BC Liberal environment critic (former) Peter Milobar to debate climate policy. The description below is quoted from the Pembina Institute website. If you would like a summary of the 60-minute forum...

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Earl Claxton Jr. endorses Adam Olsen

[embedyt][/embedyt] Good morning. ÍY C̸EĆIL in SENĆOŦEN. I would just like to say that I support Adam Olsen running for the, in the provincial election. And I have to say that I didn't know Adam earlier in his life, when he was living here at Tsartlip reserve, or First Nation, and I learned of him when...

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Mike Davis endorses Adam Olsen

I endorse Adam Olsen because I trust him to do his best to defend the environment and all species that inhabit our world.Mike DavisLong time friendSidney, BC [siteorigin_widget class="Jetpack_Subscriptions_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget]

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Susan Simosko endorses Adam Olsen

As a long-time Sidney business owner and the immediate past president of the Sidney Business Improvement Area Society, I am continually impressed with Adam’s commitment to our community and his dedication to making sure things get done!He is a true steward, not just of our environment, but of the needs and interests of the people who live, work...

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Hunter Lastiwka endorses Adam Olsen

Adam Olsen has proven to be one of the strongest leaders for Saanich North and the Islands ever. This is due to the genuine connection he develops with all residents. Beginning when I was only 15 years old, Adam has included my opinion in conversations that affect our riding and province.He has consistently proven to me that every voice does...

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Chief Tanya Jimmy endorses Adam Olsen

I am a proud WSANEC woman from Tseycum First Nation. I am pleased to endorse Adam Olsen, my WSANEC relative from Tsartlip, in his bid to be re-elected as the MLA for Saanich North and the Islands.Adam has worked hard for this place and I know he will continue to work hard. Please remember to vote on October 24th and let’s re-elect Adam...

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Mark Aston endorses Adam Olsen

I first met Adam several years ago at the Salt Spring Film Festival, where we shared a table at lunch. This was before Adam first ran as an MLA for the BC Green Party. At the time he seemed to me to be a person of integrity who not only had interesting ideas on how to solve some of society’s problems and challenges, but also someone who actively...

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Briony Penn endorses Adam Olsen

[embedyt][/embedyt] My name is Briony Penn, I'm a writer and a community organizer and I am voting for Adam Olsen again, as an MLA for Saanich and the Gulf Islands because he is so accessible and you can take any issue to Adam from local issues to reconciliation to climate change and he'll give you an...

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Meredith Boyd endorses Adam Olsen

Adam is very passionate about the Salish Sea. He has a deep connection and cares deeply about the place where we live and the people who live here.I really appreciate his work on the UNDRIP Act, because it is a critical issue right now and I feel he has taken the action and initiative needed to make something as big as this Act happen.It is also...

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Dan Jason endorses Adam Olsen

Adam is a tireless worker on our behalf, and on behalf of all the livingness of British Columbia.  I am so happy and grateful to have him as our representative. He has made a practice of regularly speaking and listening with us, both on Salt Spring and throughout the islands.  He takes our unique views into account.  With Adam as our...

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Philbrook family endorses Adam Olsen

For our family, Adam Olsen is a candidate that makes sense. If you have a chance to meet Adam, you will feel his sincerity as someone that actually listens to understand and not just say what he thinks you want to hear.You will recognize his dedication to the issues our community faces. And you will recognize his confidence as the voice for his...

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Annette Witteman endorses Adam Olsen

I am honoured to endorse Adam Olsen, BC Green incumbent candidate for Saanich North and the Islands riding for the upcoming Provincial election this October the 24th.Since my first meeting with Adam Olsen on a milk run ferry trip four or more years ago, I was swept up by his passion for this place where we live-his ancestral home as a member of...

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Curt Firestone endorses Adam Olsen

I have lived in Canada for 13 years and this is the first time I have experienced a snap election.  From September 21 when the NDP called the election until Election Day is less than five weeks.  In that four week, five day time period, BC Elections must organize the elections, acquire polling places, hold advance polls, find and appoint staff...

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Sonia, Jan, Emily and Adam

I have an interesting story about Sonia Furstenau, Jan Carroll, Emily and Adam Olsen. In 2006 Emily and I were planning our mid-August wedding. I was given one important job - secure the person who would officiate. Part of the reason I had such a minimal workload for the wedding was that I was also the communications manager for Aboriginal Team...

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Digital connections for all British Columbians

Just as roads with power and telephone lines strung down the side were transformative for people and communities, the next evolution will be a robust digital grid connecting the Southern Gulf Islands and British Columbians in every community. Let’s use the opportunity of the current circumstances to develop our digital infrastructure.We have all...

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Vigil for Overdose Awareness Day

[embedyt][/embedyt] Monday August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. Long before the Covid-19 pandemic British Columbia was dealing with another public health emergency - overdoses and poisonings from toxic illicit street drugs. Since 2016 more than 5500 British Columbians - our friends,...

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Column: Ferries are our marine highway, a provincial concern

The provincial government is responsible for the provincial transportation network including our ferry system, the critical service connecting coastal communities. That is why the BC Greens advocate for BC Ferries to be brought back into government.The ferries system connects us to our homes, our businesses and our communities. They are critical...

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