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Update: Week 7 – 3rd Session, 42nd Parliament

ÍY SȻÁĆEL (Good Day), Welcome to my weekly update for April 10th, 2022! It was an extremely busy week in the Legislature. With 20 government Bills, 6 Private Members’ Bills and one Private Bill, and Budget Estimates ongoing it makes for a full day in the Assembly. For example on Thursday afternoon, within a span of a couple of hours I was asking...

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Indigenous food security threatened by glyphosate spraying of forest lands

I followed up my previous question to Hon. Katrine Conroy (Minister of Forests) about her defense of the aerial spraying of glyphosate on B.C. forest lands. Ultimately, the food security that the provincial government talks about does not include Indigenous practices of hunting, fishing, and gathering of wild foods...

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Update: Week 6 – 3rd Session, 42nd Parliament

ÍY SȻÁĆEL (Good Day), Welcome to my weekly update for April 3rd, 2022! It was a busy week for me in the legislature. With the Police Act Committee meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings it made for long days. In Private Members’ Motions on Monday morning, MLA Mike Bernier (Peace River South) tabled, “Be it resolved that the House support...

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The BC NDP promised to make prescription contraception free, two budgets later we’re still waiting!

In the 2020 election the BC NDP promised to make contraception free for all British Columbians. As a cisgender male, free or near-free condoms are widely available, vasectomies are covered by MSP, however for women, trans-men and gender diverse people, getting prescription contraception requires a visit to a medical...

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Where is the money in Budget 2022 for Indigenous reconciliation and conservation financing?

In Budget 2022, the BC NDP government invested $12 million over 3 years to create the long-awaited Declaration Act Secretariat to better organize the provincial reconciliation efforts. That budget though will just cover the salaries and administration of the office. We know that government funds its priorities and so...

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