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Jane Sterk endorses Adam Olsen

I was leader of the BC Green Party from 2007 to 2013. I was delighted when Adam took over as Interim Leader after my departure. He brought tremendous positive energy to the party and created the groundwork to strengthen the party and set the stage for his (and Sonia’s) win in 2017.

Adam has been an amazing MLA. He approaches his constituents with compassion, generosity, love and a commitment to finding solutions to problems. He works hard and makes sure all the communities and people within the riding know he is the one to call when things go wrong and when things go right.

In the legislature and at a provincial level, Adam has highlighted the need for concrete policies to demonstrate action toward reconciliation with the indigenous peoples. His work also includes justice for other species including salmon that are so important to the indigenous land holders and to the health of our environment. Along with his colleague Sonia Furstenau, whom I’m also endorsing, he has championed real action on the climate emergency.

Greens do politics differently as Adam and Sonia have demonstrated during the past three and on-half years. Please re-elect Adam. And let’s send additional Greens to the legislature to work with Adam and Sonia to make BC better.

Jane Sterk
Former Leader, BC Greens

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