Bob Peart endorses Adam Olsen

Oct 13, 2020 | Blog, Governance | 0 comments

I am honoured to endorse Adam Olsen, BC Green incumbent candidate for the Saanich North and the Islands riding for the upcoming Provincial election October 24th.

Since meeting Adam, a number of years ago, I have been impressed by his interest and belief in community. Adam has served our community well in the B.C. Legislature speaking up on such key issues as salmon, environment, climate change, the homeless and opioid addiction. Adam has also served tirelessly in his role as MLA where he has hosted numerous community meetings listening to and addressing the concerns of his constituents.

Adam has undertaken his elected position with grace, understanding and tenacity. I’ve enjoyed our conversations about his need to show leadership for the future as well as addressing the concerns of today. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with Adam during the past few years.

I endorse Adam as the BC Green candidate in the upcoming election and look forward to his leadership and solid community voice into the future.

Bob Peart
North Saanich

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