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Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General deflects accountability for provincial police force

Today I asked Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Hon. Mike Farnworth, what specific actions he is taking to ensure that the civil liberties of British Columbians are protected at Fairy Creek. The Minister refused to answer because the matter is before the courts. The videos of the conduct of the RCMP at...

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PODCAST: On National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Interview from CFAX 1070 with Ryan Price)

 In this episode of The Public Circle Podcast, I am sharing an interview from CFAX 1070 with afternoon host Ryan Price on the first annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We covered a variety of topics including why the federal government made this day a statutory holiday and what the day means and what it can be for all Canadians. I...

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MLA Column: Keep Minds Open To Truth

By Adam Olsen and Sonia Furstenau In the four years that we have been Members of the Legislative Assembly, hundreds of British Columbians have reached out to talk about crown/settler-Indigenous relationships. What we have heard consistently in these conversations is that people are frustrated that they have not been taught about the true history...

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Jagmeet Singh if reconciliation is important to you then stop repeating BC NDP rhetoric about Fairy Creek conflict

BC NDP Premier John Horgan must stop putting Indigenous people in between his failed resource extraction policies and protesters. That is exactly what is happening in his riding on Southern Vancouver Island. Premier Horgan has sat silent on the sidelines, watching as if it is theatre, the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history and...

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BC Today: Critics skeptical of proposed forestry reform

Article by Shannon Waters published on Politics Today on August 30, 2021.  The NDP government has made big promises when it comes to the future of forestry in B.C., but some are skeptical its “intentions paper” on forestry modernization will lead to the significant shift the government is promising. “We’re committed to a bold reorientation of...

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This conflict is about the land and it always has been!

The conflict between Indigenous and Crown governments has always been about land. It's centred on who owns the land title and the rights and responsibilities to govern it. Over the decades the Crown governments have deployed gruesome tactics to limit Indigenous peoples access to their territories, and attempted to extinguish Indigenous peoples...

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Budget Estimates 2021: Health

With my part of the 60 minutes that was available to the BC Green Caucus for Budget Estimates in Health, I had a limited opportunity to canvass important topics. In this session, I asked Minister Adrian Dix about the work being done to implement the recommendations of the In Plain Sight report on racism in the...

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Unacceptable! Minister of Forests commitment to Indigenous rights and title is on her terms

Premier John Horgan and Minister of Forests Katrine Conroy are on the record clearly stating their support for Aboriginal rights, title and sovereignty. When the protests heated up in the forests on Southern Vancouver Island they agreed to the demands of the Huu-ay-aht, Ditidaht and Pacheedaht by deferring some...

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Despite different rhetoric Horgan government clings to decades old approach to Indigenous relations

The source of uncertainty about lands and resources in British Columbia is rooted in the failure of successive governments to uphold the rights of Indigenous peoples. Let’s be clear – conflict and contention over the land base doesn’t come from honouring human rights, it comes from denying and violating them. For decades British Columbia has...

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