Celebrating a more inclusive society and recognizing gender diversity.

Mar 31, 2023 | 42-4, Bills, Blog, Governance, Legislature, Well-being | 0 comments

This week, I spoke to Bill 15, the Vital Statistics Amendment Act.

Bill 15 will remove the requirement for sex to be on a birth certificate and allow people over 12 to receive care without needing confirmation from a psychologist or a doctor.

While there is more work to be done, these are important steps forward that will bring us closer to a truly inclusive society that recognizes and respects gender diversity.


A. Olsen:
I want to just make a couple of very brief comments about this bill. The pace yesterday was much quicker than I was able to keep up with, so I didn’t get a chance to say what I felt was needed to be said from the perspective of the Third Party with respect to Bill 15.

I want to acknowledge that the government is taking these steps to move policy into legislation, as the minister just noted, in making these two important changes — first, that sex is no longer required to be on a birth certificate and, second, that people over 12 no longer need confirmation from a psychologist or a doctor. These are important steps.

I think we are in the process now of expanding and being more inclusive in our society, recognizing diversity where it exists, acknowledging that and celebrating that. I raise my hands to the government for doing that.

I thank you for the opportunity to just say a few words. I’m certain my colleague is going to ask good questions on this. With that, I’ll take my seat.



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