Curt Firestone endorses Adam Olsen

Sep 25, 2020 | Blog, Governance | 0 comments

I have lived in Canada for 13 years and this is the first time I have experienced a snap election.  From September 21 when the NDP called the election until Election Day is less than five weeks.  In that four week, five day time period, BC Elections must organize the elections, acquire polling places, hold advance polls, find and appoint staff and much more.  This will be done in the time of COVID and in a rainy October.  This may well cause voter confusion and frustration.  I expect a very low voter turnout.

We the public will not even know the names of all the candidates until 23 days before the election.   Thirteen days later advance voting will begin.  When do we the voters get the time to know the candidates, their background, their positions, and their ability to be “hired” as our Legislative representative?

I perceive this NDP-led rush to the polls to be un-democratic.  It favours only incumbents.   It does not even give the members of each political party time to thoughtfully vet and choose their candidates for open seats.  We may see a lot of unopposed incumbents.

In Saanich North and the Gulf Islands, we are very lucky to have a trusted and thoughtful incumbent.  Adam Olsen has worked hard advocating for a healthy environment, protecting wildlife and making this a better world for our children.  As both deputy and interim Green Party leader, he has shown his ability to work across the aisle with the NDP and the Liberals.  At a minimum of once a month, Adam sits down with all Salt Spring residents who care to join for a two hour dialog.  We have gotten to know Adam and Adam has gotten to know us.

Fortunately we elected Adam Olsen in 2017.  Now, it is time to re-affirm our decision.  Adam will continue to serve us well in the legislature.  He will listen; he will advocate for us.  Adam can be trusted to put the interests and needs of the people in his district and the province first.

Please join me in voting for Adam Olsen.

Thank you,
Curt Firestone
Salt Spring Island


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