New Innovation Commissioner appointed for British Columbia

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Installing an Innovation Commissioner was an important economic initiative proposed by the B.C. Greens in the 2017 election. It became a key policy initiative of the Confidence and Supply Agreement, the founding document for the relationship between the B.C. Green Caucus and the B.C. NDP Caucus and the strength of our minority government.

We are thankful for the work of our first Innovation Commissioner Dr. Alan E. Winter, and we are encouraged that the provincial government continues to prioritize the innovative sector by appointing Dr. Gerri Sinclair as our second commissioner.  We believe we have an important opportunity to lean in to the effort to transform the British Columbia economy which largely remains deeply entrenched in values from the past century.

The B.C. Green Caucus looks forward to working with Dr. Sinclar in this important work.

View the Innovation Commissioners first progress report [October 2018].
View Innovation Commissioners second progress report [January 2020].
View the final report of the Emerging Economy Task Force [March 2020].


Appointment of new innovation commissioner supports economic recovery in B.C.

For immediate release
July 17, 2020

VICTORIA, B.C. – Today government announced the appointment of Dr. Gerri Sinclair as B.C.’s new innovation commissioner. The expert advice and recommendations from the innovation commissioner will contribute to the growth of B.C.’s technology sector and help us harness innovation across our economy during a critical time for B.C.

“Having Dr. Gerri Sinclair as our innovation commissioner will be a significant asset to our province,” said Adam Olsen, B.C. Green Party interim leader and MLA for Saanich-North and the Islands. “With over 25 years of experience in the tech sector, she brings a wealth of expertise to the role and the B.C. Green Caucus looks forward to her leadership. This is exactly the right time to be introducing a new innovation commissioner who can help us implement the advice given so far to build a more resilient and sustainable economy as we recover from COVID-19.”

The first innovation commissioner, in addition to championing B.C.’s tech sector and leveraging funding and investment, provided advice to the government on opportunities to harness innovation and grow BC companies. The innovation commissioner’s role going forward will be guided by this initial work, as well as implementing the Emerging Economy Task Force recommendations and targeted COVID-19 recovery efforts.

“A key aspect of a Green Recovery will be to put a greater focus on innovation across all sectors of our economy, so that B.C. companies can grow and thrive and provide a high quality of life for people,” said B.C. Green MLA Sonia Furstenau for Cowichan Valley. “The innovation commissioner is critical to advancing the strategic opportunity in innovation. Businesses are ready to be innovative and respond to the climate emergency, but the government needs to provide strategic direction to empower us to reach our potential.”

The B.C. Greens proposed an innovation commissioner in the 2017 election platform as one part of a strategic approach to harnessing the economic opportunities in the new economy. Establishing an innovation commissioner formed part of the Confidence and Supply Agreement with the B.C. NDP.


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