We must work to restore trust in government

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Over the past week the BC Green Caucus has been raising substantial concerns about money-laundering. There is a crisis in our government institution and as an MLA we have a responsibility to address it head-on.


There’s a crisis of confidence in this institution. Thinking back to the thousands of stories I heard on the doorstep during the 2017 election, it did not matter whether I was on the top of the mountain in North Saanich, the waterfront in Sidney, on Salt Spring Island or Tsartlip First Nation, trust in this institute was in tatters. The internal narrative of our local campaign was built on trust. Trust is an important value for me.

On one hand, it seemed like a political opportunity, right? People had lost trust in government. It appears to be a perfectly delicious scenario for change. On the other hand, it is devastating to be enticed to celebrate a crisis in confidence in our government because of a potential political win.

These statements from members often celebrate the lives of influential British Columbians or special days of advocacy. They draw attention to critical, non-partisan issues in our ridings and across the province. That, too, is my goal today.

Restore trust

Since my election, there has been a steady stream of constituents who’ve approached me, encouraging me to directly address the issues that are diminishing the stature of this House. These people have seen the inside. They carry the burden with them as part of their story.

It is for these constituents of mine and for British Columbians right across this province that today I shine a light on our commitment to rebuilding the public’s trust in our government institution.

I stand here in this chamber, where we undertake the most important business of this province, and reaffirm the oath that we swear to protect the honour of this House, the people’s House. I am reminded that this place is indeed nothing if it’s not built on trust.

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