Petition with 700+ signatures calling on Environment Minister to assess Bamberton Quarry

Mar 10, 2023 | 42-4, Blog, Community, Environment, Governance, Legislature, Petitions, Video | 1 comment

I met with Eric Falkenberg-Poetz, Frances Pugh and Daniel Kenway from the Saanich Inlet Protection Society at the legislature. They gave me a petition to present to the British Columbia Legislature.

The petition had over 700 hand-signed signatures, collected by volunteers in a few short weeks. Petitioners are asking Environment Minister, Hon. George Heyman, to require the Bamberton Quarry and Foreshore Expansion projects to undergo an environmental assessment.

Frankly, it is an ask that should not be needed! The Ministry of the Environment did a comprehensive study in 1996. It stated clearly that the precautionary principle should be applied when considering the expansion of industrial activity in the Saanich Inlet.

It is surprising that the operators and owners of the Bamberton property are not wanting to understand the potential impact of their operation and how to mitigate it considering they understand the importance and fragility of the Saanich Inlet.

It is important that the BC NDP and Minister Heyman not under estimate the passion of the people that live around the Saanich Inlet!


It’s my pleasure to stand today and table a petition with 711 signatures. These are handwritten signatures, which means that there was an incredible amount of work that was done by our community. This is with respect to requesting that the B.C. Environment Minister require an environmental assessment for the Bamberton projects.

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  1. Marie Hutchinson

    Thank you Adam Olsen! The growing awareness of the importance of protecting the Saanich Inlet is encouraging and I hope the Minister of Environment can see the importance of following the recommendations made in the 1996 study and it’s 1 recommendations.


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