The man who fell from the sky with the rain

The man who fell from the sky with the rain

The other day, I invited you to think about, and maybe even share, something that you are thankful for.

I am inspired by the transformative power of gratitude. If practiced consistently, it begins to rewire our minds which absorb so much negativity each day.

It came to me as I was mid-morning walk that I did not share something I’m grateful for. Last week I got to walk in the rain! I’m thankful to be soaked by the cleansing rain!

SȽEMEW̱ is the word for rain in SENĆOŦEN, the W̱SÁNEĆ language. There is a beautiful story, passed down from one storyteller to the next, about the first man in W̱SÁNEĆ. He fell to the earth in the rain. His name was SȽEMEW̱.

You can hear the story in this short YouTube video and better understand our deep connection to water and the importance of water in the teachings of the W̱SÁNEĆ.


Flowing waters

The sacred bathing rituals connect us to the purifying creeks that are the earth’s circulatory system. For centuries they flowed freely from the highest places to the lowest. Today many have been diverted, dammed and damaged.

For decades we have taken water for granted. However, in recent days with increasing droughts and the growing threat of climate change, we are reawakening to the need to reconnect with water and it’s life-giving force.

Many communities are desperate to protect and enhance their water supplies that have the devastation of the past century of poor management. We must not take water or SȽEMEW̱ for granted.

The issues with water and poor management of it, or of the natural systems that catch, clean and deliver it, are flowing into my email and constituency meetings with much greater frequency these days. Increasingly, I’m talking with my colleagues about water issues. I think that will continue and the pressure will increase until we change our culture of assumed abundance with respect to water.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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4 comments On The man who fell from the sky with the rain

  • I too am inspired by the power of gratitude. Keep the posts coming, sincerely grateful you make me think!

  • Very Inspiring. It is good to hear the music of the SENĆOŦEN language.

  • Water is not to be assumed or taken for granted.
    I have done water ceremonies with my son and they have been powerful; we are largely made up of water! I would like for us to experiance these sacred bathing rituals from the First Nations perspective because they would tie us to the water, the land, and all creatures that equally need this element.
    The climate crisis will change all our use of water. How can we be ever increasingly aware of how water is integral in this one planet?

  • We have all come from the water. Water is Life! I hope we can acknowledge water as sacred in our governments and ensure water is protected much like a beloved grandmother you wouldn’t give away, sell, wrap in plastic, pollute, or treat with disrespect.

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