Consistency and mindful choices

Mar 7, 2019 | Blog | 2 comments

On December 5, 2018 I began blogging every day.

Well, I published a piece every day for four straight days and then on December 9th, I did not publish.

Ironically, on December 10th, my post was about discipline and my commitment to writing daily. Today marks 88 days since.

Consistency is an important focus for me these days. You might be noticing it has showed up a few times recently. Perhaps, it is part of the conditioning I need to go from just “showing up” to successfully executing. It’s part of my process of going from bouncing from one thing to the next, to better planning and delivering the plan.

I have published something every day since December 10th. Some better than others. And frankly, some have been a total cop-out.

For example, the posts of my work in the legislature. While they are very informative and part of my commitment to transparency and accountability, it is time to extract those from this undertaking I have made with myself and you, to offer something personal and interesting every day. Consider those as bonus posts.

I remember the decision and I made on December 9th. It was a thoughtful choice to bail. I had not yet committed to blogging every day, but testing it out.

My commitment to consistency requires me to be mindful of my choices. Like the choice to construct a reason good enough to justify taking the day off writing this blog.

The choice to bail, has a cascading effect in other parts in my life. Conversely, making the disciplined choice, has a sharpening effect.

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  1. Rodger Moore

    I am new to following your blog. I live in Saskatchewan so not one of your constituents but I have followed you for many decades. You are doing great work. I loved your podcast with Dr. Olson.

    I may not comment often but will be following. BC government couldn’t be better at this point.

    • Adam Olsen

      Hi Rodger. Welcome from Saskatchewan and thank you for joining in! Adam

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