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Dec 31, 2017 | Blog | 2 comments

Happy New Year

In celebration of 2017, here are the top five most shared posts on my website last year. I look forward to continuing to build on our success in 2018.

1. Malahat LNG cancelled!

In August 2015, Steelhead LNG and Malahat Nation announced a partnership to explore a proposal to build a 6 million tonne gas liquefaction plant in the Saanich Inlet. Residents surrounding the Inlet were rightly concerned about this project and clearly voiced their opposition. Finally, on December 1, 2017 the company and first nation announced they had cancelled the project. Read my response here.

2. Greens respond to Site C decision

The most contentious decision made by BC NDP government so far, is to proceed with building Site C dam. Throughout the fall session of the Legislature, my BC Green caucus, outlined our hopeful vision for the future of electricity production and storage in British Columbia. It does not include Site C. The social, environmental and economic costs are just too high. Read our response here.

3. Open letter regarding Site C

The negative reaction to the BC NDP’s decision to proceed with Site C has been fierce. In the lead up to that decision we wrote an open letter to government to clearly outline we were opposed to the project. It is not that we had not been clear up to that point, but, we wanted to make sure we were on the record. Read our letter here.

4. BC Green caucus responds to end of the grizzly hunt

The year did end with some great news. The licensed grizzly hunt in British Columbia is over. This issue has been one that Andrew Weaver has championed over his first term in office. He tried a few different angles with the former BC Liberal government with no success. They were just not interested. But, that changed with the BC NDP. He handed over the file to me in September and while the new government appeared to be heading in the same direction as the former government, in late December, following consultation they finally stopped the hunt. Read our response here.

5. GISS students address decorum in Question Period

During a visit of Gulf Island Secondary students to the legislature this fall I invited them to share their thoughts about what they saw and felt from their experience viewing Question Period. They each wrote me a letter, which I have given to the Speaker (Hon. Darryl Plecas). They did not like the behaviour and they very clearly expressed their disappointment in their letters. In this highly shared video, I am using a two-minute Statement to relay some of the highlights with my colleagues from those letters. View my Statement here.

What will 2018 bring us?

There are many shareable moments to come in 2018. What stood out for you in 2017, and what are you hoping for in 2018? Leave a comment below.


  1. Julie Northey

    Happy 2018 Adam! I LOVE that picture of you- so “alive” and animated. I think my Mom would have loved it, too. I appreciate all you have accomplished so far, and I had tried to meet with you in Dec. (but you’re too popular) 🙂 Hopefully I can spend some time brainstorming “incentives” to get the residents of Grantville St. on SSI; actually ” GREEN. ” They burn wet wood, and it is VERY toxic to breathe (as you’re well aware). There’s still a huge lack of doctors, and I was so healthy, and now- with this constant air pollution (way worse than 2nd hand cig. smoke, which has been banned) my breathing is getting worse, daily. PLEASE help me. Thank you .

    • Adam Olsen

      Thank you Julie. I will be on Salt Spring next week and will be around my constituency office in the weeks following. Please contact my office to set up a time to meet. All the best in 2018!


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