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Raise Your Voice for Our Environment: Participate in Public Comment Period on Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Expansion

In April the federal government granted conditional approval of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 port expansion. In order to proceed, the controversial proposal must be approved by the British Columbia provincial government. The provincial Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) is accepting public comments until June 8, 2023. Despite potentially...

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Join Minister Rob Fleming and MLA Adam Olsen at ASK Salt Spring to discuss transportation and infrastructure

I am excited to host Hon. Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, this Friday at ASK Salt Spring to discuss transportation issues on Salt Spring Island. I invited Minister Fleming following a visit from Minister Mike Farnworth earlier this Spring where we discussed public safety on Salt Spring. Transportation was repeatedly...

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Unveiling the Hidden Dangers: How AI is Reshaping Our Lives and Government’s Passive Approach Isn’t Helping – BC Green Caucus Takes a Stand!

For months, my colleagues in the BC Green Caucus and I have been discussing artificial intelligence (AI). The AI industry has the power to impact personal privacy and fundamentally change our society and economy. How? That's a problem. We currently have no idea of the extent of the impact. Also, consider that the threats and opportunities today...

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A little summer blogging exercise

In December 2018, I started blogging daily. You can find all those posts are in the archives here. One post everyday. Some were long and involved, others short and snappy. Little life observations. As I got to the end of 2019 I had accumulated 365 posts and when I finally achieved my initial goal of posting every day for a year, I abruptly took a...

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Imagining a future with Indigenous riding names & a farewell to the Keating Neighbourhood

In April, I responded to the Electoral Districts Act which added six new ridings to the province and changed the boundaries of dozens more. While my riding, Saanich North & the Islands, remains largely unchanged, we will be losing the Keating neighbourhood to South Saanich. I've represented this community in one...

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Recognizing the Haida Nation’s inherent right to self-governance & my dear friend, Gut Takin Jaad

In April, I had the pleasure of responding to Bill 18, the Haida Nation Recognition Act, and reading the words of my dear friend, Gut Takin Jaad, a Haida member, former legislative intern with the BC Green Caucus, and a current Constituency Assistant for MLA Sonia Furstenau. [Transcript] A. Olsen: I appreciate this...

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Bill 11 takes a misstep — British Columbians are represented by their local MLA, not party leaders

In April, I responded to Bill 11 and supported two amendments proposed by the Official Opposition which would've prevented party leaders from having more power in our elections. [Transcript] A. Olsen: Speaking to the amendment, I appreciate the member from the official opposition for raising it. It’s a concern that we...

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Will the BC NDP ensure its conservation service is accountable & subject to independent oversight?

BC's Conservation Service is a police service. They dress like police, drive similar cars, carry assault rifles & have police-like powers under the Police Act. But conservation officers have no independent oversight. This must change. The lack of oversight has created space for the abuse of power & toxicity...

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Will the BC NDP put an end to over two decades of underfunding in our public education system?

Public schools in B.C. have been chronically underfunded for years. Now, multi-million budget shortfalls are forcing school boards to choose between combining classes, cutting programs, or relocating students. The BC NDP must put the needs of students first. Vancouver School Board is facing a $5.9 million deficit this...

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470 foster children go missing each month ⁠— are kids safe under the care of Premier Eby & the BC NDP?

A new report from BC's Representative for Children & Youth revealed that 470 children in foster care go missing each month. Today I asked Premier David Eby to explain if the kids under his care are safe. He could not be bothered to stand and answer. The BC NDP are failing to protect our most vulnerable children....

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Indigenous communities must be properly resourced to participate in consultation processes

Last Thursday, I rose in the House to address the lack of funding for Indigenous communities participating in government consultations. For the last several years, a steadily increasing number of referrals have fallen on the desks of First Nations, creating an overwhelming, psychologically intense workload. Meaningful...

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Will the BC NDP commit to a comprehensive review of BC’s outdated Mental Health Act?

The Mental Health Act has not been substantially updated since 1964. Our understanding of mental health and substance use disorders has changed since the last century. Our laws need to reflect that. I asked Premier David Eby if he'd commit to a full review. He refused to stand up and answer. Instead Minister Jennifer...

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When will the BC NDP reform the Police Act & deliver better accountability for our communities?

Our policing services have grown increasingly authoritarian, militaristic & out of reach of oversight. The Vancouver Police Department Chief bragged about answering to nobody, saying “I don’t report to any politician. I don’t report to the City, the province, or the federal government." The VDP restricted media...

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We must do better: Reflecting on the findings of the St. Augustine Residential School investigation

Yesterday, I stood and responded to the statement provided by the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation in acknowledgement of the pain and tribulations that are being felt from our relatives in Shíshálh, Chief Yalxwemult Lenora Joe, and the leadership in the community, acting on the information provided...

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7 years into the toxic drug crisis — will the NDP expand safe supply for every person who needs it?

Since the toxic drug crisis was declared in 2016, more than 11,000 British Columbians have died. It’s the leading cause of unnatural deaths. But these deaths are preventable. Less than 1% of people who use drugs in this province have access to safe supply. Hundreds of thousands of British Columbians use drugs —...

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