Deborah Goldman endorses Adam Olsen

Oct 17, 2020 | Blog, Governance | 0 comments

I am very happy to have Adam represent me and the Southern Gulf Islands in the provincial legislature. Adam has a firm knowledge of the issues of concern to residents and conscientiously maintains contact with us to remain current and to provide us with updates on governmental activities. He has been a consistent support during the chaos of the early pandemic, meeting regularly with various interest groups, including community representatives of economic organizations to ensure the wellbeing of our residents and communities.

Additionally, I have been working with Adam for over two years on issues to enhance the sustainability of Mayne Island, including developing affordable housing, and strategic planning to address gaps in services and infrastructure. Adam’s support to the development of affordable housing on Mayne Island has assisted us in moving this agenda forward, and is very much appreciated.

Adam brings clarity and energy to his commitment to constituents and I have enjoyed working with him. I wish him the very best in his campaign and look forward to continuing to work together.

Deborah Goldman
Mayne Island

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