David Suzuki endorses Adam Olsen

Oct 21, 2020 | Blog, Governance | 0 comments

Our species has become so numerous, technologically empowered and driven by consumption that we undermine the life support systems of the planet- the air, water, soil, sunlight and biodiversity. The cause of our destructiveness is the way we see the world which in turn determines the way we act.

Today we place ourselves at the centre with everything around for us to use as we wish, a perspective called anthropocentric. It fails to recognize that we live in a complex web of relationships with all other life forms and air, water, soil and energy. This is called ecocentric.

In a world of interconnectedness, every act has repercussions and so carries responsibility to act properly to ensure Nature’s abundance and generosity. Indigenous people have survived by their ecocentrism and can provide guidance to living sustainably.

The Green Party represents a departure from anthropocentrism and offers the best political direction to a better future. Adam Olsen, steeped in Indigenous knowledge and culture, is the person who can guide us towards a balance with Nature at this critical moment in time.

David Suzuki
Scientist and Grandfather

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