Sorry sockeye… sorry children!

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There is a shocking and growing disconnect between human beings and all the other species that we share planet earth with. It is time to sharpen the edge, sharpen the focus and apologize to our ancestors and frankly do better for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you to Emily Olsen for sharing these beautiful words and allowing me to share them with British Columbia.


Oh splendorous sockeye!
How can I replace
your red flesh offerings,
your salty silver scales?
How can I dance
to your memory?
The memory I hold in my cells,
the memory I hold in my skin,
the memory I hold in my wildness,
the part of me that is not human,
the part of me that is fish.
Oh splendorous sockeye!
I sit at the table
of a bountiful ocean,
knowing the fasting has begun,
knowing that you are more than food.
A family within a family,
that human kind cannot replenish.
Sorry sockeye.
Sorry tree. Sorry mountain. Sorry meadow.
Wolf, frog. Sorry bear, otter. Sorry eagle.
Sorry forest floor. Sorry canopy.
Sorry fungi, sapling, fern.
Sorry moss. Sorry lichen.
Sorry stream, lake, ocean.
Sorry kelp. Sorry seal. Sorry orca.
Sorry air, wind, sky, clouds.
Sorry stars. Sorry moon.
Sorry parents. Sorry grandparents.
Sorry children.

View original poem by Emily Olsen. Please share Em’s amazing work with the world!

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